Where and How to Use My Odor Buster Bar



At Home

Use an Odor Buster Bar at home! We know you keep a clean and tidy home, but no matter how much you scrub there will always be plenty of stale air, funky smells, and lingering odors. Your home is lived in after all! Here are some tips for at home: place an Odor Buster Bar just inside a main vent, in the back of the linen closet, under a bed, under a sink, or in the bottom of trash bins and you'll be amazed how quickly those odors start to disappear.



In The Car

Odor Buster Bars are perfect for any vehicle! Whether you prefer your car pristinely detailed or you spend your days hauling around the messy family, Odor Buster Bars can handle the job. Cut up one Odor Buster Bar into quarters and place one piece under each passenger seat. If you can't locate the scissors, try placing an Odor Buster Bar in the AC vent to blow fresh tropical air as you cruise! Also, have we mentioned how great Odor Buster Bars are at eliminating all fragrant traces of smoke?



 With Pets

Just because we love them doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes smell…Odor Buster Bars are great to use in areas where your pets sleep, play, travel, or lounge! Simply place it out of your pet’s way (it’s not a chew toy!) somewhere near their litter box, on top of their kennel, in the back of your car, or in the vent near where they sleep. The essential oils in Odor Buster Bars are all natural and aren’t bothersome to pets. Keep them smelling nice and fresh no matter what kind of adventures they end up having!



For Travel

 Pack your bags with Odor Buster Bar and make any time you travel smell like a tropical getaway! Since Odor Buster Bars are made with natural essential oils be aware that there is the potential is could stain some fabrics. In order to still have fresh and no stained fabrics, we recommend you place a bar inside a single sock before keeping it in your bags. No matter what kind of trip you’re taking, no matter where you’re final destination is, stay fresh when you pack an Odor Buster Bar!



With Sporting Gear

 Your gear was made to be used and to be used well. But wouldn’t it be nice if every time you put on your running shoes you didn’t have to smell your last run? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the next time you unzipped your duffle bag it didn’t smell like the locker room? Store any and all of your gear with an Odor Buster Bar to keep it fresh whether you use it again tomorrow or not again until next year!