Is the Odor Buster Bar a cleaning product?

Yes and no. Odor Buster Bars are an odor eliminating product. Recurring or lingering odors are neutralized by the Odor Buster Bar using natural essential oils. It's like the final knockout punch in your cleaning routine!


How long does an Odor Buster Bar last?

An Odor Buster Bar will officially last for 30 days once unsealed from the packaging. The Odor Buster Bar fragrance does linger, so don't be surprised if you seem to get more life out of your bar.


How long does a Mini Odor Buster Bar last?

The Mini Odor Buster Bar will also last for 30 days once unsealed from the packaging.


How long before my Odor Buster Bar begins to work?

Immediately! Odor Buster Bars are air activated , meaning the moment it leaves the sealed packaging it will begin to work. Leave it in the room with the smell you want to eliminate and you'll be surprised how quickly it neutralizes the odor!


Why can't I smell my Odor Buster Bar through the wrapper?

You won't be able to smell properly packaged Odor Buster Bars because they're packaged in high-grade pharmaceutical wrapping to seal in the fragrance until opened. All Odor Buster Bars are individually wrapped for easy storage so you won't have to worry about using a whole container once you've opened one. We like to think outside the box!


Why can't I smell my Odor Buster Bar anymore? 

The most common reason you can no longer smell your opened Odor Buster Bar is because you've acclimated to the scent. Since Odor Buster Bars aren't made with chemicals or perfumes, you will find it is easy to become used to their fragrance. Rest assured, it's still working! However, if you find that your Odor Buster Bar truly isn't giving off any fragrance,  it’s most likely time to change bars.


 What is the Odor Buster Bar made of?

Odor Buster Bars are made of a rubberized plastic which has been infused with natural essential oils. The plastic of the bar itself is similar to the material on the bottom of your shoe. It isn't harmful or dangerous and you'll find it used in many of your everyday products.


Do Odor Buster Bars stain?

Since Odor Buster Bars are made with essential oils, they do have the potential to stain some fabrics. If you're worried about stains, we recommend placing the Odor Buster Bar in a sock before keeping it with fabrics you may be worried about. 


Is it safe to use my Odor Buster Bars around children?

Yes, Odor Buster Bars are safe to use around children. Using an Odor Buster Bar near where your child sleeps or plays is perfectly safe. We recommend that if an Odor Buster Bar is used in areas where children are present, it's stored out of the way of little hands. The Odor Buster Bar is not a toy and could be a choking hazard. 


Is it safe to use my Odor Buster Bars around pets?

Yes, Odor Buster Bars are safe around pets. Using an Odor Buster Bar in places where your pets sleep and play is perfectly safe. Just as with little children, we recommend placing your Odor Buster Bar out of the way of your furry friends. The Odor Buster Bar is not a toy and it could be a choking hazard.


Is my Odor Buster Bar safe to touch?

Absolutely! Odor Buster Bars are safe to touch with bare skin, but like anything produced with natural oils, wash your hands before touching your eyes or your face. Odor Buster Bars don't contain any harmful chemicals,  so it's safe to touch the bar before and after they've done their work.


 Can I use my Odor Buster Bar if I have sensitive skin?

Those with sensitive skin can use Odor Buster Bars. That being said, please be aware not everyone reacts the same way to essential oils. We recommend testing it before storing it with things you wear. All other uses for Odor Buster Bars haven't been known to irritate sensitive skin.


Can I keep my Odor Buster Bar in my kitchen?

Odor Buster Bars can be used in the kitchen, but they shouldn't be kept with food that may absorb the oils. We recommend using your Odor Buster Bar under the sink, in the bottom of your kitchen trash can, or in your kitchen vent. 


Will my Odor Buster Bar melt in the sun?

Odor Buster Bars won't liquefy, but you will find they may transfer some oil to the surface it is sitting on when left in direct sunlight and extreme heat. We recommend if you're leaving it in a hot place like your car that it is kept out of direct sunlight and perhaps stored in a sock.


How many Odor Buster Bar fragrances are there?

There are 3 refreshing Odor Buster Bar fragrances.

  1. Sea Breeze is our blue bar, the one that started it all.
  2. Mango is our orange bar. 
  3. Tuscan Citrus is our yellow bar.


What is your Return Policy?

The Odor Buster Bar team accepts returns of unopened products, for up to 14 days after delivery. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us here.